Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wagashi--> usagi in origami box. Happy Bunnies

Hey Hey

I finally got the origami papers and made some origami boxes for the bunnies. :D

They are very nice aren't they?

They will be shipped with the Wagashi.

I am happy with the bunnies. Now they have they own room/box and they can really live there happily. :D

Happy Bunnies!!!

Summer Fruits were gone. Fall items are coming ... to town..... soon......


Summer Fruits were gone. But if anyone is still interested in them or any of them, I am happy to make more. I really like the fruits. I think that it's very pretty to put them in fruit bowl... or a fruit plate... of course, this is just how I like to decor my place :P

Anyway, new Fall items should be out shorty. After 2 weeks of non-stop working.... I finally got all my rest and ready to make more felty-goodness. :P

Went to Michaels today ... and saw all those Fall items are on the shelf... hmmmm Fall items... orange icing cupcakes???? cinnamon cookies????

Any suggestions with Fall Items???? Please drop me a line if you have any ideas...

Good for now. :D


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Look.

My dear friend finally helped me with the sweets drawing... :D I am so happy. Thus, I decided to change the look on my blog to fit in more with the drawing. Instead of colorful background, I want to have more simple background. Thank you Bessie.

I hope that you like my friend's drawing as much as I do.